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Aashiq Abu reacted against fake news makers

Aashiq Abu's Facebook Post-Aashiq Abu reacted against fake news makers-Onlookers Media

Director Aashiq abu is always known for his fire brand Facebook statuses and yesterday once again he posted one, this time against the fake news makers who published fake news against him and his wife Rima Kallingal. A leading daily in Kerala had published a news that in the case of Shine Tom Chacko, police has questioned Rima Kallingal, Aashiq abu and Fahadh Faasil. It was really afake news as police themselves later said to the media that there were no such interrogation happened.

Aashiq said in his status that media is just playing with the life of people from the film industry and their life, love and even their death is always treating as a medium of entertainment by these Medias. He cited the example of late Mala Aravindan’s death which was reported by many medias even before his death. He said that some medias were using their reach just to take personal grudges against some people and the reason may be political also for this kind of prostitution using fake news.

Aashiq Abu's Facebook Post-Aashiq Abu reacted against fake news makers-Onlookers Media

He hit out against a journalist named Jaya Chandran who is working in Mangalam daily as he is the one who published that news in that daily. Asahiq abu accused him for destroying the life of Nambi Narayanan who is famous for the ISRO case years ago. It was the same Jaya Chandran who given that news too which later recognized as a fake one. People tend to believe in news they read in daily and most of the media is giving fake news now-a- days and they literally cheating the people who trust them.

Aashiq also said that if anyone had said his views about politics or injustices, he will be termed as Maoists by these Medias. He said that he, his wifeRima and Fahad Faasil will file a case against this daily and whatever they got from them as compensation, they will give that money to Nambi Narayanan. Aashiq said that Shine Tom Chacko was his friend and he will remain as his friend. But if he had done anything wrong, we have the police force and law machineries to take care of that and they will do it according to the law of our country. Aashiq declared that he, Rima and Fahadh is open for any kind of enquiry on them and they will co-operate with them if there has been any.

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