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Ansiba reacting against allegations

Ansiba Hassan reacting against allegations-Onlookers Media

Drishyam film fame, actress Ansiba Hassan is in a mood to react against the allegations which is thrown against her by some people. Some online medias criticized her for she doing glamorous roles and also there are some photos which had spread in online medias, which claims to be her bikini photos. So Ansiba had come out to speak the truth behind all this and tell her version of things in this matter.

She said that she did not intend to do any glamorous roles in the future and she never did it intentionally. It was a Tamil film she did before she had done Drishyam and at that time she had no knowledge of how she would appear on the screen by putting on certain kind of dresses. When they gave her some kind of dress to wear, she did it. But only after it came n the screen, she understood that it was not looking very Good. But when she become popular through the film Drishyam, some people searched out those old photos and began to attack her with it through online medias saying that Ansiba Hasan started doing glamorous roles for more and more popularity.

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She also said about the bikini photo issue that she never used such a cloth in her life time. That photos which got viral saying that it was Ansiba’s bikini photos was that of a Tamil actress named Varsha. But some online medias spread it without checking its authenticity. Ansiba told about the people who makes bad comments and abuses her in Social medias like Facebook. She told that if those who are abusing her believes themselves as such good men, then why they are searching and seeing those kind of photos in such websites.

She says that she cannot do anything about what these kind of people says. It shows one’s culture.  The people who makes bad comments, abusive words etc have no better culture than the online medias who spreads fake news. She said at last that they are not even sparing the common people or common girls who had nothing to do with film industry. So an actress like her supposed to face these kind of issue and cannot do anything against them other than ignore it.

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