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Bhama reacts to the Sunny wayne Issue

Bhama reacts to the Sunny wayne Issue-Onlookers Media

Actress Bhama reacted to the fake news that is spreading in online medias about her withdrawing from a film in which Sunny Wayne is the hero. Online medias spread the news that Bhama withdrawn from the film because she do not want to act with Sunny Wayne and this news created a lot of buzz among the film lovers in Mollywood. Many people raised their voice against Bhama’s attitude and now Bhama came out through her Facebook page telling the truth about the news.

She said in her facebook page status that the news is 100% fake and she is very sad about people misunderstands her. She said that she had to pull out of that film due to some personal reasons and it had nothing to do with Sunny Wayne. She said that Sunny is a good actor and he is her great friend too. She would love to act with him when another opportunity comes. She also said that the people who is sharing and spreading these kind of fake newses had their own selfish interests and she appealed to her fans that not to believe those kind of fake newses and Support her. She said she needs their support now and forever.

Bhama's Facebook Post-Bhama reacts to the Sunny wayne Issue-Onlookers Media

Bhaama’s Facebook Post

It had become a serious issue now that lots and lots of baseless newses are coming out about actors and film personalities and most of them are shares and spreads by online medias for their popularity and other selfish motives. We have seen this in the case of actor Jishnu recently. The news about actress Ansiba’s bikini photos was also a well- made one by online medias. We have already seen many online issues like this in the case of Rajiv Ravi and Geethu Mohandas some days back when the online wing of a popular and leading Newspaper in Kerala published fake news about Geethu Mohandas’s words about the controversial Interview of Rajiv Ravi.

The scarcity of news has made medias to do anything without considering the ethics and value of Journalism. Online Medias are the main culprits in many recent issues and unfortunately Bhama had become the latest victim of these filthy online Journalism.

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