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Celebrities heap praise on team Anjaam Pathiraa!

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Celebrities heap praise on team Anjaam Pathiraa!

‘Anjaam Pathiraa’ continues to have an extraordinary run at the Kerala box officer. After a tremendous opening weekend, the film is having high occupancy during the working days. Special extra shows are being added in several major centres. Since it is a thriller film, audience are eager to watch it at the earliest to avoid the spoilers.

Common audience have unanimously rated it as the best thriller to have come out of Malayalam cinema in recent years. Even industry insiders have been highly impressed by the film. Sunny Wayne, Anu Sithra, ‘Helen’ director Mathukutty Xavier, Tini Tom, Jude Anthany Joseph, award-winning novelist Benyamin and many others have written highly about ‘Anjaam Pathiraa’ in their social media handles.

Actress Saniya Iyappan has written,

Anjaam Pathiraa is undoubtedly a mindblowing start to 2020. I’m awestruck by how brilliantly this thriller has been woven together with a perfectly written script. The casting has my heart – Chackochan, Unnimaaya, Sreenath Bhasi, etc have given their very best and taken this movie to a whole different level. The cinematography and background score is quite a feast and it beautifully blends in to give us the exact feel of the story. I must say that this brilliant thriller has done complete justice to the genre. Though the climax was a little saddening, I believe it is the perfect climax this film could ever have. I am greatly impressed and I believe Anjaam Pathiraa is the best movie I could start my year with. Congrats to Midhun, the Director, the whole cast and the great crew behind the screen who put in the best of their efforts to make this movie a spectacular one. A big thank you to them for giving us this gem!

Actor Deepak Parambol’s Facebook post reads,

With no Doubt Anjam Pathiram is one among the best malayalam thriller movies !! Midhun Manuel Thomas made a shift from his usual genre of films and executed it surprisingly well ! Magnificent Frames by Shyju Khalid ! Excellent Bgm bySushin Shyam and well perfomed actors ! From the beginning to the end the film could engage the audience! Hari Krishnan congratz bro you have done ur role really well! Ashiq Usman congratulations on the success of ur film.!

Director Arun Gopy:

‘Anjaam Paathira’ a different perspective on the thriller genre. Midhun Manuel Thomas has rightly used the plot to evoke elements of suspense. The editor, music director and cinematographer has very well supported the sequences. A great lead by darling Chackochan Kunchacko Boban. Applause to Indransettan, Sharaf U Dheen, Nandana Varma, Jaffar Idukki and Siddharth Bhasi. Cheers to the team. Ashiq Usman than aalu poliyaanu it’s ur pathiraaa!!

‘Manoharam’ fame Aparna Das:

Watched Anjam Pathira last night and I saw how people actually enjoy a good film. After a long time I saw one amazing thriller! With such a strong script. No unwanted scenes or lag! Every character in that film had a contribution towards the investigation. Bgm ,Direction, acting everything about this film was extremely good ! @midhunmanuelthomas with no doubt made a neatly crafted psycho thriller !! Worth every penny !! Support such good films for more and more films like this Watch it in big screen for the best experience. Cheers team Anjam pathira. And dearest Ashiq Usman (THE PRODUCER) Chetta Thank you for this film and congratulations on the success.

‘Anjaam Pathiraa’ directed by Midhun Manuel Thomas is a whodunnit thriller centred around a series of murders. Kunchacko Boban plays the lead role of a criminal psychologist named Anwar Hussain. Remya Nambeesan, Sreenath Bhasi, Indrans, Unnimaya Prasad, Jinu Joseph and many others are part of the cast.

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