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Chengazhi Nambiyar : Tovino Thomas’s character poster released

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Chengazhi Nambiyar : Tovino Thomas’s character poster released

Chengazhi Nambiyar is a new big budget Malayalam movie that will be written and directed by Sidhil Subramanian.

The movie will be based on the life of Chengazhi Nambiyar, Chandroth Panicker and many other historical figures who fought against Samoothiri in Maamaankam in 1505 AD.

The movie has the potential to highlight the importance of Malayalam language and the culture to a global level.

A character introduction poster of the movie was released today. Actor Tovino Thomas is playing the role of Puthumana Panicker in this movie. The team has not released the names of the other lead casts.

Chengazhi Nambiyar is planning as a multilingual made in several languages. Top stars from other industries are rumoured to play other important roles in the movie.

Chengazhi Nambiyar is the second movie in Malayalam to be based on Maamaankam. There was another movie titled Maamaankam directed by Navodaya Appachan starring legendary actor Prem Nazir.

The director, Sidhil Subramanian is an experienced technician who has been in the industry for a long tie now. He has worked as a creative director and VFX supervisor in many movies.

His latest movie Back To Life is in the post production stage. This movie had an extensive post production period of about 3 years for the VFX works.

Chengazhi Nambiyar is planned on a grand scale and will be made on a whopping budget of 100 crores.Currently the pre-production works the movie are underway.

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