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After donating Rs 3 crores, Raghava Lawrence set to make bigger contributions!

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After donating Rs 3 crores, Raghava Lawrence set to make bigger contributions!

Actor-filmmaker Raghava Lawrence has always been on the forefront when it comes to helping the needy. He heads an organization that looks after the welfare of several physically challenged kids and youngsters. Recently also the actor had donated Rs 3 crore for Covid-19 relief. He donated the entire advance amount that he received for his new film ‘Chandramukhi’.

Lawrence now feels that the amount he has donated won’t be enough and is set to make bigger contributions. He has been getting many calls and messages for help from those within the film industry and others. It has deeply moved him and he now wishes to aid financial assistance to more people. A big announcement is set to made by him on the occasion of Tamil New Year which falls on April 14.

Raghava Lawrence’s Facebook post reads,

Hai friends and fans, Today morning I had posted that I will make an announcement at 5 pm today. I discussed my ideas with auditor, he asked 2 days time for analysing how to execute the ideas. so I have decided to make the announcement on Tamil new year April 14th.

Hai friends and fans, A big thanks to everyone , my industry friends and media friends for all your wishes for my contribution to the relief fund. I’m overwhelmed by all your love. After this Donation I’m getting many calls from fighters , assistant directors and many more asking me to extend my contribution and I’m also receiving many letters and videos from public. when I see all this it’s very heartbreaking. My contribution of 3 crores won’t be enough for all this. So honestly, I thought I won’t be able to contribute more so I asked my assistants to reply to the calls and letters saying that I’m busy. I went to my room and thought about it, I really felt very bad for what I did , I wasn’t able to sleep last night and I was very disturbed thinking about the videos and the public crying. After thinking about it deeply I got a thought that , We brought nothing when we came to this world and we will take nothing with us. All temples are closed now , I believe that god is in people’s hunger who are suffering. According to me if we give to god it won’t reach the public, but if we give to public it will reach god because god is within everyone. I thought god has just made me sit at home but god has actually given me a job to do service, This is a very crucial time for all of us, so this is the right time to do service. So I have decided to do my best for public and government, I will discuss it with my auditor and well wishers about what I’m going to do and with all your blessings I will announce it today evening at 5pm.

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