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face’booked’ – The book now trending in social media

face'booked' - The book now trending in social media

“Aksharangalodum akkangalodumoppamulla jeevithathinidayil evideyo vech kuthinu commayodu pranayam thonni..  Commayude shaleenathayayirunnu kuthine aakarshichathu. Kuthinte ilakatha swbhavam commayde manasilakki..”

These are extracts from one of the most widely talked about and appreciated short story in the social media these days; Kadhayillatha Kadhakal. A collection of 20 short stories, the book is written by Jenith Kachappilly a promising young writer and an aspiring film director. The preface of the book is written by the famous writer Unni R.

The name Jenith Kachappilly is familiar to at least some of the active social media users, his status updates and writings have never failed to amaze the audience. Jenith, a former RJ and programme producer with radio mango stepped his foot into movie industry by directing a short film Home. His next attempt was E-Kaalath one of the viral hits during its release days. E-Kaalath stands unique in some other ways too, being the first Malayalam short film to be remade into another language (Telugu) as Half Girl Friend. The title winner in Kappa TV Shoot an Idea Contest season 1, jenith has worked as assistant to directors Mamas and Bijith Bala.

Kadhayillatha Kadhakal is the Jenith’s next venture, who tries to leave his mark in everything that he is into. The author has been successful in presenting before us, a gist of his outlook about life. The stories allow the readers to have a glimpse into the happenings around us from a different point of view. As the notable Writer and Chairman of Kerala Sahithya Academy Shri. Perumbadavam Shreedharan has commented, Jenith who has adopted a unique and innovative style of presentation is amazing the readers with his humorous outlook of even the harsh realities of life. The book is getting good reviews and is gaining new readers through the mouth to mouth publicity of the book lovers in the social media.

With an intention of gaining maximum attention and support from social media users, the official book launch was done online on 9 August 2015 by Writer Director Shri Mamas in Face book. This innovative idea of book release, followed by some of his friends changing their Face book profile picture and cover picture to the promotional posters of the book has created interest among book lovers and is reflecting in the sales too.

As the saying rightly goes brevity is the soul of the wit, the collection of the short stories has encapsulated deep thoughts and insights into 48 pages and will capsize the readers’ mind giving some food for thought. We hope that Kadhayillatha Kadhakal, Jenith’s debut book is just a beginning of the numerous books to come.

The book is available in Dheshabhimani book stores and in Amazon for online purchase. VPP facility is also available.

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