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In Harihar Nagar team together in assembly election field !

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In Harihar Nagar team together in assembly election field !

In Harihar Nagar is the film directed by Siddique Lal duo and the film had become one of the ever green super successful comedy films in Malayalam. Even now we do not come across a day in which we see any comedy scenes from that movie in Television channels or photo comments based on that movie in social medias. That much is the impact the film. Apart from that the ones who was crucial in the success of the film also become popular among all generations here in Kerala. It was Mukesh, Siddique, Jagadeesh and Ashokan who played characters such as Mahadevan, Govindan Kutty, Appu Kuttan, Thomasu Kutty respectively. As per reports this team is all set to contest in the coming assembly election in Kerala as well representing different political parties.

As per reports Mukesh will be the candidate of Left Democratic front in Kollam assembly area. Siddique may contest from Aroor as the candidate of United Democratic Front. Jagadeesh is almost certain to be the candidate of United Democratic front from Pathanaapuram and the latest unconfirmed reports says that Ashokan also getting ready to become a candidate at Harippadu assembly area, representing the Left Democratic Front.

The final list of candidates are yet to be announced and there may be changes, but as per reports Mukesh and Jagadeesh are almost made sure that they are contesting. Siddique likely to be there at Aroor and Ashokan’s participation is now just a talk in media discussions.

The In harihar Nagar team had come to us through three films such as In Harihar Nagr at first, then in To Harihar Nagar directed by Lal and later through In ghost house Inn, which is also made by Lal. All these three films were become box office successes and all the four characters had become so popular even among the children of this generation as well. Now these four men army who made us laugh a lot is gearing up to fight in a different ball game altogether like Politics and let’s see what happens there.

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