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I never said anything like that, says Anu Emmanuel

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I never said anything like that, says Anu Emmanuel

Most recent topic that become a point of discussion here in Mollywood is a statement that came in a popular film magazine in the name of actress Anu Emmanuel. The whole discussion had started when Anu Emmanuel was replaced from the Amal Neerad-Dulquer Salmaan film. A new face named Karthika Muralidharan was later roped in to play the female lead in this upcoming film. They had already shot some scenes with Anu Emmanual and later reshoot it with Karthika.

Even though many rumors had spread that Anu Emmanual was replaced because she did not get ready to cooperate with the crew of the movie and never quite ready to go for retakes. But, both director Amal Neerad and Anu Emmanuel said that it was not the reason and the real reason for that is the date clash that occurred with the call sheet she given for a Telugu film.

Then came the controversial statement in that magazine in the name of Anu Emmanuel. She reportedly said that there is no respect for heroines in Malayalam cinema. But, Anu now came out and said that it was a fake comment and she did not made that comment at all.

When that comment had come, it become a discussion point related to the replacing of Anu Emmanual from Amal Neerad Movie. Anu Emmanual is now acting in a Telugu film named Oxygen. She had already given dates for this Telugu film and later when she started working in Amal Neerad film, there happened a date clash. There was also a visa problem occurred as well when the crew had planned to go abroad for the filming. So they replaced Anu Emmanual with Karthika.

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