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Idea Star Singer fame Hesham Abdul Wahab to compose music for Hridayam!

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Idea Star Singer fame Hesham Abdul Wahab to compose music for Hridayam!

The official announcement of Vineeth Sreenivasan’s next directorial ‘Hridayam’ was made only recently. Pranav Mohanlal, Kalyani Priyadarshan and Darshana Rajendran will be seen playing the lead roles in the film. ‘Hridayam’ marks the return of Merryland Cinemas to production after nearly three decades. Visakh Subramaniam, who was one of the producers of ‘Love Action Drama’ heads the banner now. Noble Thomas is the co-producer.

‘Hridayam’ will have music composed by Hesham Abdul Wahab. This came as a big surprise as Vineeth usually collaborates with his friend Shaan Rahman. Shaan however has made it clear that there is no rift between the two. In fact, it was Shaan who announced the news about Hesham composing for ‘Hridyam’. He has written a detailed Facebook post, which reads,

Dear Friends, Hope you’re all doing well. Something has been bothering me since yesterday and if I don’t get it out of my head, I won’t be able to work/compose in peace. I won’t be composing music for Vineeth’s “Hridayam”. The music for “Hridayam” will be composed by my brother Hesham Abdul Wahab. Now, before all of you jump to any conclusions (you must’ve already 🙂 ), I want to make a few things clear to all of you. Vineeth and I are fine. Cuz the first thought would be “Avar thammil adichu pirinju”. We met day before yesterday too when I was composing for Kunjeldho. So, we’re good. Now coming to Hesham. Both Vineeth and I had always felt that the guy never got what he deserved. He’s a might of talent who needed a perfect movie to show the world what he could truly do. And for us, its all about bringing new talents to the industry. So Vineeth and I decided that Hridayam would be composed by Hesham. The composing for Hridayam, Love Action Drama, Helen and Kunjeldho all happened simultaneously. And Vineeth was involved in all four movies. My support was much more needed for the first time directors. Dhyan, Mathukutty Xavier and RJ Mathukkutty. So yes, Hridayam will be composed by Hesham. We love him. I’ve even asked Vineeth to let Hesham use my studio for Hridayam if necessary. See, our friendship goes beyond movies and music. We’re a family and we’ll always remain a family. No matter what. As Vineeth once said, “Nee aareyengilum konnaalum naan ninde koode nikkum”. Thats us. And That’s Hridayam.

I’m writing this because since yesterday, I’ve been getting a lot of msgs like “Hridayam music polikkanam” and all. I felt bad and sad. All those good wishes should be going towards someone else and that’s Hesham. Who had already composed all the songs for Hridayam.

And besides, I too will be with you in Onam 2020 with Minnal Murali. Probably Aadu 3 right after that. 2403 ft too. So, you won’t miss me (sic)

Hesham Abdul Wahab is popular for his stint as a contestant in the reality show ‘Idea Star Singer’. He debuted as a music director in Malayalam film industry with ‘Salt Mango Tree’. ‘Capuccino’ and ‘Pretham Undu Sookshikkuka’ are some of the other films for which he has composed.

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