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I’m hopeful that the audience will accept Ramaleela if it’s a good movie: Director Arun Gopi

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I’m hopeful that the audience will accept Ramaleela if it’s a good movie: Director Arun Gopi

Any movie is a result of hardwork and perseverance of hundreds of people. Likewise, Ramaleela is the output of continuous efforts and dedication of debutant director Arun Gopi and his team. The movie is currently facing a major issue as it’s lead actor Dileep has been arrested over charges of conspiracy in the shocking actress assault case.

Arun Gopi, in a recent interview opened up on the efforts that went behind Ramaleela and how he firmly believes that the Malayali audience will support them irrespective of all other issues.

After his college education, like majority of youngsters, Arun Gopi also wished to pursue a career in movies. He assisted directors like Lenin Rajendran, K Madhu and VM Vinu before deciding to turn independent. In 2013, he teamed up with writer Sachi and started working on Ramaleela. From there it was a hard fought journey to come up with his directorial debut under the prestigious banner of Mulakupadam Films.

“Like any other director, my first film was my dream and I approached it with utmost earnestness. Some things always tend to go beyond our calculations. But I still firmly belive that if the film is good, our audience will surely accept it”, says Arun Gopi.

Tomichan Mulakupadam has invested over Rs 14 crores for Ramaleela. Several well known actors like Radhika Sarathkumar, Mukesh, Vijayaraghavan, Renji Panicker and thousands of other junior artists have worked in this movie.

Currently, the makers are waiting for all the issues related to Dileep’s arrest to settle down. They are aware of the impact that Dileep’s arrest will have on the box office collections. Despite that the director and his team are hopeful that the Malayali audience will accept the movie if the final output is good.

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