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Imtiaz Ali is all praise for Nivin Pauly’s performance in Moothon!

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Imtiaz Ali is all praise for Nivin Pauly’s performance in Moothon!

‘Moothon’ has to be the one film that showed to the world what an extremely talented actor Nivin Pauly is. Though he was already a well known star with several hits under his belt, it was ‘Moothon’ that brought out the best in him as an actor. It was a classic example of an actor surrendering completely to a director’s vision and Geetu Mohandas presented Nivin like never before.

‘Moothon’ got released in theatres last year but people are still talking about the film. Recently, Bollywood filmmaker Imtiaz Ali was seen heaping praise on the film and Nivin’s stellar performance in it. During a live chat through his social media handle, the director was talking about how some of the Malayalam films he watched recently were pathbreaking.

While speaking about the quality of actors in Malayalam industry, Imtiaz particularly pointed out Nivin Pauly. He is quoted saying, “I saw in Moothon.. such a heartbreaking film. Nivin is so effective as an actor. He is not trying to impress. What a role for a hero to do.. he’s really charming.. lovely.”

Such words of appreciation from an acclaimed filmmaker like Imtiaz Ali is certain to do a world of good for Nivin Pauly’s confidence.

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