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Masss bow downs before Premam

Masss bow downs before Premam-Suriya Flop Movie-Nivin Pauly Premam Super Hit-Malayalam movie 2015

Usually when big Tamil films or Hindi films releases in Kerala our Malayalam films washed away from the theaters in front of the spectacular reception got by the other language flicks. But this time there is a difference and it was made by Alphonse Puthrean directorial film named Premam. This time Nivin Pauly starrer Premam had literally demolished the opponent that too a heavy kollywood film named Masss starring South Indian star Suriya. Masss is at the verge of termination and it had really bowed down in-front of the great success got by Premam.

Kollywood star Suriya is facing some serious trouble now-a-days and he is going through a terrible patch off late. Suriya recently releasing all his films when there is not much competition from Tamil and Hindi films to get maximum collection and less opposition can make the film a safe one at box office. But that strategy too seems to be not working for Suriya now as his latest release named Masss is facing hold over threat from its very second day in Kerala. Mass was released when there is no competition from Tamil and Hindi films. But still it cannot able to stand up and deliver.

Actually Masss had been planned to release in almost 200 theaters in Kerala alone. But due to the arrival of Nivin Pauly starrer flick Premam and Prithviraj starrer flick Ivide the release of Masss has been restricted to only 110+ theaters in Kerala. But from the very first show itself the film got out and out negative reviews from the common audience as well as from online media pages and now it is been facing threat of hold over at many centers in Kerala. Nivin Pauly’s flick Premam which had got only 80 theaters to release got good opinion all around and in front of that flick Suriya’s big movie Masss had nothing left to do in Kerala.

In Tamilnadu as well the film is getting bad reviews and on the way to another failure for Suriya. Report from the trade guides suggests that Masss will bring huge loss to the theaters in Kerala in which it had charted and also to the distributors who distributed it here. Suriya’s previous film named Anjaan conceived by Lingu Swamy also were a failure at box office and Masss was somewhat a key flick for Suriya who was looking for a comeback. Now it also eated the dust of failure at box office and he had to do something very special to comeback strongly. “Mass” was conceived by one of the best and popular directors in tamil film industry named Venkat Prabhu and but still even he cannot able to change the bad time of Suriya.

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