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Mohanlal did all the fights in Pulimurugan without dupes, says Peter Hein

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Mohanlal did all the fights in Pulimurugan without dupes, says Peter Hein

Pulimurugan, the Mohanlal starrer is had become a massive box office success and the fight sequence of Mohanlal in this movie is breath taking and jaw dropping.

Mohanlal is getting great amount of appreciation from all over for this movie and many people like director Vysakh, cameraman Shaji, his co-actors etc were stunned to see his effort and the perfection he brings in the fight sequences and they also told in many media interviews that Mohanlal had done all those fights without dupes in the movie.

Still there are people who deliberately trying to insult him by saying that he had used dupes in Pulimurugan. Now, Peter Hein, the stunt master of the film himself come out and said that Mohanlal did all the fights in the movie by himself and did not used dupes even for a single shot in the movie.

Peter Hein said that, usually major stars from other industries will not do risky fight sequences. Dupes will do all risky sequences and stars will do only close up scenes in fights.

But Peter Hein said that Mohanlal had made him stunned by doing all those risky sequences by himself. He got ready to go for any number of takes to make it perfect and never complained and never said no.

Peter Hein said it is the first time in his career that he had seen an actor doing all the stunts in a movie by himself and the dupe came for him standing their without doing anything.

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