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Mukesh phone call issue a super hit in social media

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Now-a-days in no time every small or big issue becomes a viral hit in social media and we had seen many such examples for that and some of them were just fake issues as well. But in social media it will not be cared anymore about the authenticity of the news comes in and everyone will celebrate it like never before. The troll pages will make it a super hit with their funny posts and photos and soon it will reach to everyone through whatsapp and other means.

The latest issue like that which is a super viral hit in Facebook and Whatsapp is one which involves actor Mukesh. It was an audio clip which has the sound of Mukesh who is answering a phone call. We still don’t know about the authenticity of the sound clip which going viral anyway. But the issue is like this. The audio clip is like this that a fan calls actor Mukesh in the middle of the night while the actor is asleep after the day’s work. Mukesh picks up the call and asks him whether there is any reason for calling at midnight. But the guy who called him says that he called out of enthusiasm as he got Mukesh’s number and he is a fan of Mukesh.

But Mukesh had become so angry and it was quite natural and justifiable as well as someone calls in the middle of the night waking you up from the sleep and just says that he called you out just because he is very enthusiastic to talk to you and there is no important matter at all to be talked. Mukesh is a senior actor and he had seen many fans in his long career. But may be never seen such an idiot who calls at midnight and disturbs his hero’s sleep just to tell him that he is a fan.

Mukesh gives an earful to that guy and during that angry outburst Mukesh asks him if any value he would have given to a person like him he would not have called at that time of night. Mukesh says that a person with dignity cannot do it to others and we also supports Mukesh in this issue as his reply to that guy is completely justifiable taking into account of the stupid behavior of that guy.

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