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Nayanthara’s marriage news was a fake one

Nayanthara’s marriage news was a fake one-Tamil Movie 2015-Onlookers Media

Our online medias now-a-days toying with the news and using their reach they are playing with the personal life of popular people specially from the film industry. We already reported many such issues happening in our medias which don’t even have any credibility and ethics at all. We can’t be able to believe any news they gives us because we can’t be sure of anything they says as many of them were fake and without any credibility. The latest one in this series is about the marriage of Nayanthara.

The news was about actress Nayanthara and upcoming young director from kollywood Vignesh Shivan who happends to be the director f the film Nanum Rowdy Than in which Nayanthara playing the female lead opposite actor Vijay Sethupathy. Nayanthara and Vignesh Shivan had been linked romantically by our online medias and they goes to the extent of telling about their marriage as well. And the funny thing is that some medias went a step ahead of all and said that Nayanthara and Vignesh Shivan had married secretly as well. And this fake report was went viral in social media circles and many people believed it.

Ending all this at last the talking point in this issue Vignesh Shivan himself come out through his twitter account and said that all this is wee utter nonsense and there is no truth in such news spreading by media. In his reply he said that it is very disturbing to him personally and really it will take away the flow from his work. Nayanthara also said the same when she was asked about the news by the media.

Now everyone seems pretty sure that all such news were fake and what they heard was only rumours. Nayanthara was in news before while she was working in this film named Nanum Rowdy Than as when the news came out that Nayanthara was seen buying beer from a wine shop that too public. It was also spread like wild fire in the medias. Later it had become clear that what people saw was the filming of a scene from the movie and all that was spread were just wrong information.

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