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Oppam will be my career best movie, says Priyadarshan

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Oppam will be my career best movie, says Priyadarshan

Oppam, the Mohanlal starrer directed by Priyadarshan is now in its post-production stage at Chennai and writer and director of this movie Priyadarshan is making all his effort to make this film a great one. According to him, this film Oppam will be the career best movie of him as he had made such a great effort to make this movie and he believes that those efforts will pay off.

After Chandralekha which released almost 20 years back, he wrote the screenplay for a Mohanlal film again for Oppam. The story is written by Govind Vijayan, a newcomer and Priyadarshan had written the screenplay based on it. Priyadarshan says that screenplay is the backbone of this movie Oppam and it is the most challenging screenplay he had ever written in his career.

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He said that he had used all his experience while writing this screenplay and the visual form of the screenplay also came good. He had tried many genres in his career starting from Comedy, Action, horror, period drama etc. But for the first time that he had made a crime thriller. He is sure that Oppam will be a new experience for the audience.

He said that he took great time to finish the screenplay and it will be like a reference material for budding writers as it has all his experience as a film maker in it.

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