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Premam getting applause from film world too

Premam getting applause from film world too-Priyadarshan-Indrajith-Vineeth Sreenivasan-Onlookers Media

Premam conceived by Alphonse Puthren seems to be on the way to break all records at box office and it is getting great applause not only from the audience but also from the film world too. There are lots of celebrities wrote in their Facebook page and profiles praising Premam and it is great to see the support a good film gets from all around. Before that only Drishyam had received such a tremendous support but that was really from all around our country. The list of film personalities who praised Premam includes directors, actors and writers etc.

Priyadarshan one of the best directors India has seen wrote in his Facebook page after watching Premam. He firstly congratulated Alphonse Puthren and Nivin Pauly for their success and also told them that they are the real future inspiration for Mollywood. The master craftsman also said that the sound and screen play of Premam is one of the best Indian cinema has witnessed in last 3 years as well. Priyadarshan also congratulated producer Anwar Rasheed the best of the new film makers for the success as well.

Actor Indrajith Sukumaran wrote in his Facebook page that this flick Premam is a whole new cinema experience by itself for him. He also congratulated Alphonse Puthren, Nivin Pauly and Anwar Rasheed and all the new comers in this flick for its success. Actor writer and director Madhupal said that he had seen the film from kadinamkulam V track cinemas and really felt good. He said that he felt the same feeling when he watched the film ‘For The People’ as the theater is full with youngsters and the film is sweeping the youngsters. Madhupal also said that Nivin Pauly is becoming a mass hero now.

Vineeth Sreenivasan had wrote after watching the film that he wanted to write a million things about the film as he really loved it to the core. But he don’t have enough words and time to describe the experience he got after watching the film. Vineeth had really appreciated Nivin as he felt that this was Nivin’s career best performance. He told that Vinay Fort was amazing and wants to work with him as well. He also congratulated Alphonse, Anwar Rasheed and Anand for their great work.

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