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Prithviraj pens a heartfelt note remembering Sachy

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Prithviraj pens a heartfelt note remembering Sachy

The whole of Malayalam film industry is mourning the death of Sachy. The filmmaker left for the heavenly abode when he was at the peak of his career and that is even more heartbreaking. Some close friends from within the industry attended the funeral last day. Actor Prithviraj Sukumaran, who was a dear friend of Sachy and a frequent collaborator, was visibly shattered as he paid his last respects. He later took to his social media handle to share a very emotional, heartfelt note, which reads,

There has been a lot of messages. And the odd calls that I’ve attended. Asking me how I’m holding up. Consoling me. I guess people who know you and me..know us as well. But there’s one thing most of them told me that I had to silently refute. That you “Went on a high!”. As someone who knew all your ideas and dreams..I know Ayyappanum Koshiyum was not your “high”. It was the beginning that you always wanted. Your entire filmography was a journey to get to this point, from where you would unleash. I know.
So many untold stories. So many unfulfilled dreams. So many late night narrations on Watsapp voice messages. So many phone calls. We made this grand plan. For the years ahead. You and I. And then you left. I don’t know if you have confided in anybody else on your vision for cinema and how you foresee your filmography to be in the coming years. But you have in me. And I know that the next 25 years of mainstream Malayalam cinema and the rest of my career would have looked a lot different if you were around. But forget cinema. I’d trade all of those dreams just to have you around. Just to get one of those voice notes again. Just for that next phone call. You used to tell me that we’re alike. We are. But I hope right feel a lot different than I do. Because grief of this magnitude last hit me in another June, 23 years ago. It has been a privilege knowing you Sachy. A part of me went with you today. And remembering you from now on..will be remembering that part of me as well. Rest well brother…Rest well genius. See you on the other side. You still haven’t told me the climax to the sandalwood story.

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