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Promised beauty undone: Complaint against Mammootty

Complaint against Mammootty and Indulekha white soap

Actor Mamootty is about to face a trail in the consumer court. Mammootty was seen in an advertisement of Indulekha white soap very recently. The beautiful charming actor conveying the message that “to enhance beauty, use Indhulekha white soap or beauty will come for you at your door steps”. Unfortunately this time things weren’t as beautiful as expected. A consumer named K Chathu from Wayanad has filed a case against Mammootty and the company for being fraudulent on the advertisement.

As an actor Mammootty has appeared in a lot of advertisements recently and if every consumer comes up with a complaints like this, things will get more and more messy for the actor and even the advertisment sector. Even-though these kind of issues cannot be considered as a serious issue as for in the eyes of law advertisements can only be considered as a glorified ideas and no credibility may stand in the path of these cases.Anyway the court has ordered Mamootty to be present at the court for the hearing. Chaathu has asked for Rs 50000 as compensation and more for cheating (may be other expenses, epic!).

But yet these kind of issues and cases is enough matter for a discourse even if its funny. Because in a way or the another it is the corp orates who decides on a common man to use and buy what and not.As globalization finds its way so does corp orates, says the economists.In the case of the person who complained against the soap and the actor is not anything to be justifiable, because as for his logic he could complaint and file cases against a thousand more companies of the market for lying and cheating. The point that he forgot or he and almost all of the consumers including us ignore is that advertisements are nothing, but glorified LIES!

Let wait for what the court of law will do up on this…

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