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Pulimurugan beat Baahubali in Trivandrum Ariesplex

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Pulimurugan beat Baahubali in Trivandrum Ariesplex

Pulimurugan storm is the hash tag used by Mohanlal fans and also the film lovers who waited for the film for last 2 years. After so much anticipation and hype, the film had released on this 7th October.

Usually when films with great hype comes to the screens, it disappoints the audience due to their massive expectations on the film and those film ends up as box office failures or just only an average grosser.

We had seen many examples for that recently as well. But Pulimurugan turned all that around. This Mohanlal starrer is undoubtedly the most hyped Malayalam movie ever graced the screens here in Kerala.

But it had got terrific response from all over and now creating history in Kerala and outside. The film is creating records each day and there no stopping Pulimurugan.

Now it had made a record in Trivandrum Ariesplex Theater, as it had surpassed the opening of the magnum opus Baahubali. Thus it actually had become a storm here in Kerala.

Pulimurugan had collected more than 31 lakhs from 4 days there and it was a record breaking figure there. Now it is all set to become the fastest 50 lakhs grosser from Ariesplex.

Earlier Mohanlal’s Oppam had become the first ever Malayalam movie to gross 50 lakhs from Ariesplex last month. Pulimurugan is now all set to thrash all the records made by movies in Trivandrum city.

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