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Rima Kallingal against Ranjith’s controversial statement

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Rima Kallingal against Ranjith’s controversial statement

Following the attack on a popular actress in Kochi, Malayalam film industry has come under a lot of criticism for advocating misogyny and sexist remarks. Many have pointed out that there is an underlying agenda of misogyny in most of the Malayalam movies.

Actor Prithviraj Sukumaran took to his social media page to apologize for having mouthed misogynistic dialogues in the early phase of his career. He declared that he will not be acting in any such movies hereafter. But he was quick to add that being an actor he might have to act in grey shaded roles that demand such traits, but he will make sure those characters are not glorified.

This stand taken by Prithvi was widely appreciated. Even national medias reported about his post and requested other actors to follow his suit. Movies can have a great influence in the society, so it’s only appropriate to stop glorifying misogyny and sexism.

Ace filmmaker Ranjith has often been criticized for the misogynistic dialogues in his movies. Recently, a columnist Prem Chand pointed out about the sexist dialogues in some of Ranjith’s movies. The director has now responded through a column ‘Aakshepangalum Abhiprayangalum’ in Mathrubhumi. He has sarcastically written that he will change all such dialogues in his movies. He even mentioned about the misogynistic dialogues in the writer’s father-in-law, late screenwriter T Damodaran’s movies.

Actress Rima Kallingal has now written a post in her Facebook page against the controversial remarks by director Ranjith. The post reads,

When Prithvi took a stand against misogyny yesterday it was welcomed with resounding enthusiasm.

Enthusiasm that we didn’t see even when a woman stood up for herself in front of society and registers a case against her perpetrators,fully knowing that this hypocritical society will harass her for the rest of her life once the case dies down.

That even Vaikom Vijayalakshmi didn’t receive when she said no to a marriage when she was asked to compromise on her talent and career, inspite of all odds in life stacked against her.

But today I feel he deserves it. Considering he lives in a patriarchal society where men are brought up with a complete sense of entitlement and ownership over women around them, it indeed is commendable that he could look through all that haze.

“Even when mankind is conquering the pinnacle of knowledge, there is a unanswered question that thunders inside him , “who am I?” And seeking the answer for that is the true destiny of each human soul”, writes Director Ranjith in one of his most famous movies.

Knowing and understanding the feminine and the balance of universe is just one aspect of it.

We have miles to go before we sleep.

Ya allah Prem Chand and Deedi Damodaran. Much love and respect to you both.

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