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A selfie for the Limca book of world records

A selfie for the Limca book of world records -NIT Calicut-Ragam fest-Onlookers Media

NIT Calicut student’s selfie makes its way to Limca Book of Records. Ragam makes history yet again, by attempting the World Record for the World’s largest selfie with a count of 2151 registrations for the attempt at rewriting record books. The selfie was captured by popular film actor Sreenath Bhasi. Ragam thanks Sreenath Bhasi for being a part of this momentous occasion.

Thursday was a day which filled with lot of happiness and thrill for the students of National Institute of Technology Calicut (NITC) as they had done something superb to submit before the whole world. They took part in a combined and great effort to make their own place in the pages of the Limca Book of world Records by taking a selfie which comprises of the most number of people to ever be a part of a single selfie and it was they who have tried it and done it for the first time. It was held as part of the Cultural festival named Ragam which was organized by Calicut NIIT.

The record they created with this selfie was intended to break the current record of 1,151 people comprising in a single selfie which was taken during the promotional event of some product held in Bangladesh. NIIT Calicut students went all the way to break the record and they had put in great effort and spirit for their much awaited cultural event named Ragam and which will be held from March 26 to 29 and they were on the mission to make it a great event and great successful one.

The selfie event was held at the open air theatre of NITC and every student who wanted to a part of the selfie were allowed to enter the main area only after they completed a short registration process that started by almost 4 pm n the evening. And to make it big, the event was presided by the New generation actor and youth icon Sreenath Bhasi and his presence really made the atmosphere energetic and also gave great hype and publicity which they wished for. Sreenath Bhasi took the selfie with a camera mounted on the selfie stick and when the moment was captured the whole campus was eructed with joy and applause.

Ragam festival is not the only one as there the students are also organising another cultural event named Sneharagam and it will be held on March 15. The event Sneharagam is a special one as it is specially meant for the differently abled kids from all over the state and it is a great initiative from the part of students from NIIT Calicut.

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