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Sethurama Iyer CBI 5 hitting this time with huge surprise!

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Sethurama Iyer CBI 5 hitting this time with huge surprise!

The role Sethurama Iyer CBI is undoubtedly termed as one of Mammootty’s career best performances. His role portraying a CBI investigation officer was keenly accepted by audience right from it’s initial part. The movie is clearly based on many real cases that had happened at various periods in our state. The flicks filled with realistic and suspense elements had never disappointed audience from any point of view.

Earlier we had reports that K Madhu who had directed the earlier parts of the movie is ready to make the next part. He had recently watched a chat given by the script writer SN Swamy to a national channel and had built in a nostalgic feel and gave hints of working on its next part.

We have now reports that the 5 installment in the series will be a surprise package and made on a larger scale. All the movies in the series right from the first part had unique and catchy elements that had entertained the audience. Some had featured the current scenario in politics and others had dealt with the recent issues. We expect a much more higher and advanced version of such ideas to be a part of this surprise-big budget flick.

As many rightly say, Sethurama Iyer cannot be replaced; the role is safe in Mammootty’s hands and no one else could outpower his screen presence. The early parts; Oru CBI Diary Kurup had made a huge impact at the box office leading way for audience to rightly book tickets for it’s sequels, CBI Jagratha which came after the first part had not moved the box office much, it’s sequel Sethurama Iyer CBI was a blockbuster of that time and had conquered many a records.

Now as the same trio comprising Mammootty-K Madhu-SN Swamy are rejoining the audience are awaiting for a movie that brings in the nostalgic emotion and a suspense filled storyline. Mammootty who has gifted a handful of superhits recently would aim for the same when they​ bring in this surprise filled biggie.

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