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Suraj Venjaramoodu on Actor Azeez attack

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Suraj Venjaramoodu on Actor Azeez attack

Recently, Azeez, who is a mimicry artist and a serial actor was attacked by a gang at Vellarada, when he had reached an hour late to perform a stage show. He had gone for a performance abroad and the flight had delayed, resulting in the delay of the program.

Actor Suraj Venjaramoodu has now come up supporting Azeez and demanding a explanation. “Even mimicry artists are humans. Though we entertain all of you through our ticklers, we also have a family and problems” he said in his Facebook post.

I still continue to perform for Temple festivals and Church feasts and therefore I will make sure that my brother Azeez receives justice and I would always stand with him…” he continued.

Earlier, Aju Varghese too published a Facebook post supporting the actor. “Azeez is a very good human being. I was shocked to hear that he was attacked by a gang. The people behind this issue should be arrested and should be punished” he said.

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