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Suresh Gopi’s attitude burning the dreams of a young man into ashes

Suresh Gopi’s attitude burning the dreams of a young man into ashes-Kavyam Malayalam Movie-Onlookers Media

Actor and Super star Suresh Gopi is now on the wrong side of news after many positive news and image he created among the public with his well -mannered behavior, kind gestures, charity to poor people etc. Recently he I had been appointed as the chairman of National film Development Corporation which equal to a cabinet rank in the central government as well.

But a good cinema and the dreams of a young director is sleeping in the boxes only because suresh gopi refused to lend his voice to the parts he had acted in the film. Suresh Gopi reportedly refused to dub for the film because of the salary problem. The film is in the boxes for almost 5 years and the name of the film is Kavyam and the one who conceived it was Aneesh Varma. Suresh Gopi’s salary at the time of the shooting of the film was rupees 30 lakhs and they had given rupees 20 lakhs to him after the shooting. Because of the financial problems they cannot be able to give the due 10 lakhs after the shoot.

Then the actor said that he will dub for the film only if they give him the remaining 10 lakhs. After 2 years the team behind the film collected 10 lakhs rupees and approached Suresh Gopi. To the disappointment of them the actor told them that now his salary has increased and he asked 70 lakhs rupees instead of 10 lakhs. That made them miserable and the film is still in the box and the dreams of a young man is burning to ashes due to the adamant nature of a star. Aneesh varama said that he don’t have that much money with him and now he is waiting for the kindness of Suresh Gopi to complete the dubbing of the film and release the film before the malayali audience.

Aneesh varma has assisted director Jayaraj from Johny walker to Kannaki and he also produced the film named Thilakkam starred Dileep and Kavya conceived by Jayaraj. Then he had directed a Tamil film named Annai Illam and his latest directorial venture is Yathra Chodikkathe starring Kalabhavan Mani. This report is came in the Mangalam online page.

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