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Thala Ajith’s much awaited Vivegam has finally hit screens today. It is is his third film with director Siva after Veeram and Vedhalam. Let’s see what the duo has got this time around.

Vivegam is a spy thriller made entirely on the international grounds. Ajith is playing agent AK, a top field commander in the counter terrorist squad. Him along with his core team of agents which also includes Vivek Oberoi are on a mission to stop a master plan plotted by terrorists worldwide to trigger man made earthquakes. Things take an ‘expected’ turn at a particular point and from there its a cat and mouse game against the system and the one man army AK.

Vivegam has lots of high octane chasing, gun shots, digital hacking, gadget plays and all that one expects from a spy thriller. But what spoils all the fun is the over dose of drama that is stuffed in the name of family and friendship. The typical ‘inspirational’ dialogues that Ajith has been delivering in almost all his movies of late is aplenty in Vivegam. After a point, one starts scratching his head to know why so much talking in such an action-packed film.

Director Siva has done a commendable job in conceiving the movie on such a big scale. But alas, he has once again done the crime of infusing heavy drama that was totally unnecessary for this movie.  Similarly, logic takes a big hammering here. The stunt sequences have been shot brilliantly and stand out as the major highlight. DOP Vetri’s frames are spectacular and gives an international flavour to the proceedings. As always, Anirudh’s background score elevates the ‘mass moments’ to another level.

Coming to the performance side, Ajith has put his heart and soul for this movie. He looks perfectly fit as an international agent. His good looks and charisma is utilized to the maximum by director Siva. Vivegam is actually a celebration of Ajith and his ‘never say die attitude’. The actor has done everything possible from shedding weight to developing a ripped physique to performing high risk stunts in freezing temperature, all that to please his fans. Unfortunately, that is the major problem as it looks like the sole aim of the makers was to please the scores of Ajith fans. His ‘pause and deliver’ dialogue delivery seemed odd at several scenes. Vivek Oberoi was good in his role and unlike other outside actors, he has mastered the lip sync. Kajal Agarwal had a full length role but it was Akshara Haasan who outscored with a brief cameo.

Overall, Vivegam might be a celebration for Ajith fans but it ends up as just another one time watch for the general audience.

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