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Maayaathe: Check out this beautiful romantic track!

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Maayaathe: Check out this beautiful romantic track!

Though Indian judiciary has decriminalized homosexual relationships, most people in the country still consider it a taboo to even talk about it. There have been several attempts in the past to address the issues of the LGBT community, but only very few from Malayalam. In what is probably the first in Malayalam, a beautiful music video featuring the romance between two young women has been made. The song titled ‘Maayathe’ was released recently in YouTube.

The makers have beautifully explained the crux of the video by sharing a note which reads,

Maayaathe!!! Don’t fade away!!! Anything that’s true or genuine should always remain eternal, that’s what we all wish. So is true love.. !! It should stay boundless in all perspectives, It’s a promise or commitment that we make each other to stay together through the thick and thin Love is the happiness that you find in the little things when you are together. Now here’s a beautiful depiction of such a love story, which is timeless, that is eternal, ‘Maayaathe’!! This will be a totally new experience for you all, we hope. Just as the name says this probably may leave an imprint on your hearts that will never fade, but get deeper and sweeter as time goes, A newer definition of unending love and passion.

Ketaki Naryan and Rithu feature as the passionate lovers in the song. It is directed by Vyshagh KP and produced by Badusha. The song is composed by Charles Nazareth. He has also rendered the track along with Gowry Lekshmi. The latter has penned the lyrics as well.

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