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Nee En Sarga Soundaryame: Here’s a short film that’s daring and unique!

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Nee En Sarga Soundaryame: Here’s a short film that’s daring and unique!

Malayalam cinema is currently going through a golden phase with the arrival of many young talents who carry with them fresh ideas and different perspectives on already addressed issues. It seems like this trend is slowly catching up in the short film space as well. Or is it the other way around? Short film arena is usually the breeding ground where filmmakers strive to express their talent and prove their efficiency. Following suit is Divakrishna Vijayakumar, a debutant filmmaker whose maiden work ‘Nee En Sarga Soundaryame’ has recently been released online.

Starring Gibin G Nair in the lead, this roughly 20-minute short is a daring attempt to showcase something that’s considered as a taboo in the society. It is about Dinesh, a married, middle-aged guy who decides to get semen analysis. He visits a fertility clinic that’s located in the outskirts of the city, which seems like a deliberate choice as most men think it’s an unmanly thing to get such tests done. The feeling of shame and embarrassment is the prime reason behind this. It is conveyed precisely in a latter scene when Dinesh calls one of his friends for a help.

At first, Dinesh finds it hard to find a proper space to ejaculate. When he finally manages to get a room, he goes through what’s called a ‘performance anxiety’. How he tries to overcome this, is what’s been told in this interesting short that has a nice touch of black comedy.

Director Divakrishna Vijayakumar’s maturity in handling such a sensitive subject and lead actor Gibin G Nair’s performance deserves appreciation. The helplessness and frustration of the character is presented neatly without any fuss. It is not easy to hold the viewer’s interest in a 20-minute short film with a single main character, but the makers have succeeded in doing so.

We can expect to see more such quality work from this team.

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