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After 15 Years Narasimham Returns

After 15 Years Narasimham Returns-Mohanlal-Shaji Kailas-Ranjith-Onlookers Media

After the huge critical and commercial success of Aaram Thamburan. A movie that brought in a new phase into the Malayalam action genre and introduced a character so epic that it created a cult status among its viewers. The trio that made it possible decided that one epic film wasn’t enough and that they had to once again join force to make another one. The trio mentioned before is none other than that of director Shaji Kailas, writer Ranjith and one of the greatest actors in Malayalam Cinema, Mohanlal himself. The movie, well you must have already guessed by now. Yes, exactly ‘Narasimham’

Narasimham released in the year 2000, produced by Antony Prumbavur under the banner of Ashirwad Cinemas, the movie had become an instant cult classic. Everything about that movie caught on so well that it went on to create box office history. Poovalli Induchoodan, the central character played by Mohanlal returns from prison after 6 long years after being wrongfully sentenced for the murder of his classmate. The movie follows the character into the chain of events that takes place thereafter.

The character Induchoodan influenced a new style into the audience, from the mundu worn by Lalettan to the catch phrase; you know exactly what I’m talking about here. Everything simply stuck with us and everytime the movie was shown on T.V. we would just wait for that electrifying entrance by Induchoodan and who could forget the special guest appearance by Mammootty as Adv. Nandagopal Marar. There were even rumors of a spin-off for Mammookka’s character. Fingers crossed for that.

Well after 15 years, after creating 22 crores at the box office from a 2 crore budget and after running successfully for 200 days, after creating such history, there is still great news for everyone including the people behind the movie. Ok, I think we have stalled enough. Let’s get into the juicy part of the details. Narasimham is all set to be re-released in respect to the 15 years that passes since its release. The programme is organized under the title ‘Narasimham returns’ and is to be screened in Gold Cinemas, Dubai on December 5th. The movie is said to be presented by the real cast. I mean how great is that?

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