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1971 Beyond Borders Telugu version titled Yudhabhoomi

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1971 Beyond Borders Telugu version titled Yudhabhoomi

Mohanlal and director Major Ravi have teamed up for a handful of movies based on military operations. Their last outing 1971 Beyond Borders was released in April last year amidst fair share of expectations. But the movie failed to live up to that and ended up as a disappointing affair at the box office.

1971 Beyond Borders is now getting dubbed in Telugu. The Telugu version has been titled as Yudhabhoomi. The movie was initially titled as 1971: Bharata Sarihaddu but got changed due to some unknown reasons. Along with Mohanlal, the presence of a promising young star like Allu Sirish has clearly inspired the makers to dub the movie in Telugu.

1971 Beyond Borders is actually the fourth in the Major Mahadevan series. Mohanlal appears in a dual role in the movie, as Major Mahadevan and his father Sahadevan. The movie based on the 1971 Indo-Pak war features a pan-Indian star cast. Allu Sirish essays a pivotal role as a battle tank commander while Srushti Dange plays his romantic interest.

Bollywood actor Arunoday Singh plays another major role as the Pakistan army officer Lieutenant colonel Muhammed Akhram Raja. Asha Sarath, Priyanka Agarwal, Neha Khan, Zoya Zayed Khan and many other noted actors are also part of the cast.

If reports are to be beloved, apart from a Telugu version, the movie will also be dubbed and released in Tamil language. Official announcement regarding the release dates of both the versions is expected to be made very soon.

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