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5 Reasons to watch Kanal

Kanal Malayalam Movie-Stills-Photos-Mohanlal-Anoop Menon

Mohanlal starrer flick Kanal is all set now to hit the screens all over Kerala on the coming October 22, on the auspicious Vijaya Dashami day. The flick which is directed by M Padmakumar and financed by Abrham Mathew under the banner of Abbam Movies will tell the story in a pattern or revenge thriller or a mystery thriller. Along with Mohanlal artists like Anoop Menon, Pratap Pothen, Honey Rose, Nikitha, Atul Kulkarni, Sheelu Abraham, Innocent, Mohan etc are playing key roles in the film. There are many reason for watching Kanal first day first show itself.


Kanal Malayalam Movie-Stills-Photos-Mohanlal-Anoop Menon
For every Malayalees, the name Mohanlal is enough to watch a film as he had become such a key part in their life and habits. Mohanlal film always attracts Malayali audience irrespective of its genre or another facts related to that film. He is like a magnet that attracts Malayalees to the cinema halls and that is why there is no wonder why he is still the biggest crowd puller Malayalam film had ever seen in its history. Like one critic said sometime back, Mohanlal had become a part of basic needs of a Malayali life just like they want food, water, shelter etc as he had become a habit and emotion for them which they never want to control.

M Padmakumar-Suresh Babu team

Kanal Malayalam Movie-Stills-Photos-Mohanlal-Anoop Menon
The writer-director pair of Suresh Babu and M Padma Kumar is making this film a much awaited one as their previous outing with Mohanlal in 2010 was a success named Shikkar which also told a suspense thriller story. So naturally when the same tea, joins together for another thriller, expectation rises.

Mohanlal- Anoop Menon team

Kanal Malayalam Movie-Stills-Photos-Mohanlal-Anoop Menon
Mohanlal and Anoop Menon had united in almost 5 films including Kanal and almost all the time they had given us good films whether they have lot of scenes together or not. Pakal Nakshathrangal, Rock n Roll, Pranayam, Grandmaster are the 4 films they acted together. In this apart from Rock N Roll, all remaining 3 were either critically well appreciated or commercially successful. So Kanal also gives hope due to this pair.

Trailers and Teaser

Kanal Malayalam Movie-Stills-Photos-Mohanlal-Anoop Menon
The first look motion poster which came first gave a hope. The teaser which came later raised it. The first trailer which come after it again made the hopes to raise. But the two songs which later came was not much impact and the hopes had begun to fall. But the second trailer came yesterday again raised the hope and now it seems that everybody is waiting for it.

Mohanlal’s negative shade character

Kanal Malayalam Movie-Stills-Photos-Mohanlal-Anoop Menon
One of the factor that made it an anticipated film was the report that Mohanlal is playing a character with negative shade in this film. He is always gives great performance when it comes to characters with a negative touch and his amazing under acting abilities can once again become the highlight of this film.

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