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A film with Mohanlal is my dream and it will be a character that suits his age says Venu

Cameraman-Director Venu about Mohanlal

Popular Cameraman and director opens his mind about the friendship with actor Mohanlal and also his dream of doing a film with Mohanlal in the lead. Venu said that it is one of his greatest desire to do a film that have Mohanlal in the lead and whenever it happens it will be a character that suits his age and it will be a character designed to exploit his talent as an actor. Venu says that he and Mohanlal share great friendship for long years.

Venu says that he first met Mohanlal in the sets of Kariyila Kattu Pole directed by Padmarajan. From that moment itself they both became great friends and Venu says that Mohanlal has an amazing ability to make great friendships and carry that friendship all through the life. Even for Padmarajan, Mohanlal was his pet and greatest friend. Venu remembers the days when they were shooting Namukku Parkkan Munthiri Thoppukal when they all had a blast together and says that he can never forget a single moment from those memories as it was a blast from their younger days.

He also remembers the funny experiences from the sets of Thazhvaram as well with Mohanlal and Bharathan.
Venu says that with Mohanlal he shares great bonding as a friend and as a cameraman. Both knows each other’s mind really well. Mohanlal has amazing sense of the camera angles and he never ever troubles a cameraman by adding unexpected movements in his scenes. If he is going to do so he will personally inform about that improvisation to the cameraman. Even the mistakes happens from other actors will be covered by Mohanlal by adjusting himself.

He said that once he went to Mohanlal with a project but at that time he was not satisfied with the subject. But Venu says that he will do a film with Mohanlal as it is one of his dream to do so. This age is the best for Mohanlal and Mammootty to do great characters as that is the case with great actors in Hollywood.

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