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Ajay Devgn, Nagarjuna and Mahesh Babu to star alongside Mohanlal in Randamoozham?

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Ajay Devgn, Nagarjuna and Mahesh Babu to star alongside Mohanlal in Randamoozham?

Randamoozham aka The Mahabharatha has been in the news ever since it was announced last year. VA Shrikumar Menon will be directing this film which is said to the most expensive Indian movie ever. UAE based Indian businessman Dr BR Shetty is investing a whopping Rs 1000 crores for this epic project.

The Mahabharata is the official adaptation of legendary writer MT Vasudevan Nair’s novel Randamoozham, which in turn is based on the Indian epic Mahabharata. Mohanlal has already been confirmed to play the central character of Bheema in this movie. The makers had informed that several leading actors from other industries will be part of this movie.

Latest reports suggest that leading non-Malayali stars like Ajay Devgn, Nagarjuna and Mahesh Babu have been approached for the movie. Telugu superstar Nagarjuna had earlier confirmed confirmed having talks with the makers, while he was not sure how long it will take for the things to finalise.

He had said, “I was asked by writer Vasudevan Nair to play Karna’s role in the movie. I’m aware of Shrikumar’s efforts to make the movie for the past four years and I got this offer, two years ago. Recently, Vasudevan asked me once again for my dates. I told him I will be a part of the movie if my character is also given enough importance and the writer said, it will be a prominent role. I’m waiting for the project to shape up completely and then I can share more details about it.”

An official launch event, where details regarding the whole cast and crew would be revealed, is expected to be held sometime by the end of this year. This epic movie will be filmed in two parts and will be made as a multilingual in Malayalam, Telugu, Tamil, Hindi and English. The makers are planning to commence shoot by January, next year. It would have a worldwide release in 2020. As per the makers, the second part of the movie would be released from 90 days of the first part.

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