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Ajith’s Vedhalam teaser broke Vijay’s Puli trailer record within hours

Ajith’s Vedhalam teaser broke Vijay’s Puli trailer record within hours

Yesterday the much awaited teaser of Thala Ajith’s film Vedhalam had released and have to say that it really making waves in social media circles and in YouTube as well. The film directed by Siva is an action thriller and Ajith sporting variety getups in this film as well. The first look poster of the film that came few weeks back already went viral among the film lovers all over and they were waiting for the teaser with lots of expectation.

And when the teaser came it just satisfied their expectation and may be went beyond that. Nobody expected such a mass teaser even though everyone knows that it is a mass film from Ajith. And within hours after release the teaser began to create record of its own by breaking the trailer view record of Ilaya Thalapathy starrer film Puli.

Watch Vedhalam Teaser Here

Vedhalam teaser has got 76K likes within 8 hours of its release while Puli trailer has got the same number of likes in 75 days. That itself is the proof of how much people loved the teaser of this film which is all set to hit the screens on this coming Diwali. On views Puli still leading and miles ahead of Vedhalam teaser with more than 75 lakhs views. But Vedhalam teaser is going in great pace as well by reaching more than 4.5 lakhs views within 8 hours.

But there is an interesting element also to be noted that Puli trailer has only 18K dislikes from 75 lakhs people who watched it so far. But Vedhalam teaser has got 21K dislike already from the 4.5 lakh people who watched it in 8 hours. But the response from social media is very much positive as well. May be the fan fight is the reason for that much dislike for Vedhalam teaser and a mass dislike campaign is going on against the film as well. But for good or bad the teaser is getting every single person’s attention and that is what the makers wished for sure when they released the teaser. At the end of it promotion is that what all needed.

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