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Amal Neerad’s Upcoming Mammootty Project: Bilal Delayed as New Film Gears Up

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Amal Neerad’s Upcoming Mammootty Project: Bilal Delayed as New Film Gears Up

Renowned director Amal Neerad, currently immersed in filming with Kunchacko Boban as the lead, is gearing up for an exciting new venture. The ongoing second schedule of this yet-to-be-titled film promises a release next year, adding to the anticipation among movie enthusiasts.

Recent reports reveal Amal Neerad’s next directorial feat, featuring the megastar Mammootty in the lead role. Although slated to commence next year, this project is not the long-anticipated ‘Bilal’, initially announced seven years ago as a collaboration between Amal Neerad and Mammootty.

‘Bilal’ faces a delay, with Amal Neerad’s new Mammootty starrer set to take precedence. This upcoming project marks a significant addition to Mammootty’s lineup for the coming year, amplifying the excitement among his fans.

Amal Neerad made his directorial debut in 2007 with ‘Big B’, starring Mammootty, which gained immense popularity after its television premiere, despite a lukewarm theatrical response. Mammootty’s character garnered a substantial fan following post-release.

Initially proposed as a sequel to ‘Big B’, ‘Bilal’ encountered various obstacles, leading to its postponement. Before ‘Bilal’, the duo collaborated for ‘Bheeshma Parvam’ in 2022, which emerged as a notable success, setting the stage for their upcoming endeavors.

With their eyes set on creating another cinematic triumph, Amal Neerad and Mammootty aim to deliver a compelling film before embarking on the much-awaited ‘Bilal’. This strategic move hints at their pursuit of crafting yet another memorable cinematic experience before revisiting the anticipated sequel

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