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Anarkali hero character was made for Prithviraj, says Sachi

Anarkali Prithviraj Director Sachy

Sachi’s maiden directorial venture had come to theaters in Kerala today and getting mixed response from all corners. As per earlier response it seems that Prithviraj may get his third consecutive success this year and Sachi will get his debut directorial venture as a success as well. It is too early to predict the success of failure of the film but we can said that Prithviraj’s character created by Sachi is durely won the hearts of the audience. Prithviraj had won the hearts of Malayalees with his cool lover boy act. The character named Shanthanu was safe in his hands. Now, director Sachi himself says that the hero character Shanthanu in the film was really for Prithviraj as it naturally suited him.

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The character named Shanthanu in this film is one who discharged from Navy due to a love affair of him with the daughter of his commanding officer. Then he becomes a diving instructor and comes to Lakshadweep. For doing that role of diving instructor, Prithviraj had trained a lot in sea diving as wanted to do that role without any dupes. He had become an expert and was become ready enough to go to 30 meter depth in the sea without oxygen tube.

And added to that he and cameraman Sujith Vasudev got the prestigious certificate from the popular Australian agency with regard to professional diving before the completion of the shoot. That professional association of diving instructors (PADI) is considered as one of the most popular and important agency in this regard. They got grade one certificate as well.

There is another interesting fact about the film as well that the script of this film was earlier stolen. Sachi don’t even have the copy of the script of this film with him. Later luckily he got back the script and that’s how this film came to celluloid. The title makes us remind about epic love of Salim and Anarkali. Sachi said that they want to go and pray at the grave of Anarkali but can’t be able to go there as it was in Lahore, Pakistan.

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