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Anoop Menon’s career best role, Pavada Babu, getting great applause

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G Marthandan directorial film named Pavada, which was produced by Maniyanpilla Raju was released all over Kerala yesterday. The film has Prithviraj and Anoop Menon playing the lead roles. Prithviraj playing Pambu Joy and Anoop Menon playing Pavada Babu and both are alcoholics in this film.

The flick which now getting positive response from all over is said to be on the way to the 4th consecutive success of Prithviraj but applause also goes to the man Anoop Menon as well for the success of this film. Anoop Menon is very happy and he told to Onlookers Media that great response is coming from everywhere and many are giving him the feedback that Pavada Babu is the career best role he got.

Prithviraj and Anoop Menon had equal importance in this film and in fact we can say that Anoop Menon is playing the title role. Pavada is the name that people calls Anoop Menon’s character in this film. Anoop Menon had really excelled as the character as he was so natural, effortless and convincing as the alcoholic named Professor Babu Joseph. Whether its comedy or emotional sequences, he was just fabulous. At some parts he was the best when compared to all other artists in the film and the natural behaving of him had done the trick there.

Prithviraj also done a great job as Paambu Joy. He was hilarious as the character and never let that character slipped away from his control. And when it comes to the emotional sequences, Prithviraj really showed his class as an actor. Both Prithviraj and Anoop Menon become the backbone of the film with their great performances and both of them can proud of themselves after giving such a life to these characters. They complemented each other well and competed with each other as well when it comes to acting. That healthy competition is that what lead to the success and applause that they are getting now.

It was a real come back from director Marthandan as well. Now he can forget the disappointing last year and think of a fresh beginning after the success of Pavada.

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