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Arpita, she is the most loved in Khan family

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We always see abandoned children in the streets. Some are begging for food and some for money. Rich people usually turns their face against these kids and even if some of us feels pity for them we only just give a look of sympathy for them and will not do anything to make their life better. But every people are not like that. Some has got the heart of gold and two such people are Salim Khan and Salma Khan, the parents of the Bollywood super star Salman khan and his brothers Sohail khan and Arbaz khan.

Once they were traveling in their car in Mumbai city and saw a little girl was lying on the street near the body of her dead mother. Salma khan went near that crying little girl and took her home with them. From that day onwards, they took care of her as their own daughter and named her Arpita khan. Her brothers Salman, Sohail and Arbaz also loved her so much that if someone asked them about her past ,they only answer that she is the one who they loves the most.

Arpita was never into the glamor world of Bollywood. Because of that she is away from media too. Her brother Salman Khan is the most valuable star in Bollywood and her other brothers Sohail khan and Arbaz khan also actors as well as producers in the world of entertainment. But no one saw her anywhere near that glamor world and may be That’s why she is making news now as her marriage has been fixed and her brothers planned it as a great event pouring in crores and crores of money.

Arpita got her highest degree from London School of fashions and now working as an interior designer in Mumbai.  The who marrying him is a son of an industrialist in Delhi and his name is Ayush sharma. Eventhough arpita stays away from Bollywood. Ayush has Bollywood dreams to be honest. The marriage will be at Hyderabad and Salman, Sohail and Arbaz has going all the way to make it a festival, for their dear dearest sister.

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