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Asha Sharath played the character which Shobana rejected in Pavada !

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Pavada is running successfully in theaters now and along with the lead actors Prithviraj and Anoop Menon, another artist also getting great appreciation from the audience and that is Asha Sharath who played the character named Cicili, who is the mother character of Prithviraj’s character named Joy. The producer of the film Maniyanpilla Raju now revealed that Asha had played the character which was really made for Shobana and they approached Asha Sharath only after Shobana rejected the offer to do the film with some reasons that is not at all convincing for them.

asha sharath in pavada, prithviraj pavada, shobana, maniyanpilla raja about shobana, pavada malayalam movie

Asha Sarath in Pavada

Maniyanpilla Raju said to the media that at first when they discussed about the character of Cicili, which comes in the second half of the film. He, script writer Bipin Chandran and director G Marthandan had the same opinion that the character should be done by Shobana and only she can do justice to such a heavy and important role in the film. So they went to see her in Chennai and read the full script to her. She loved the script and character a lot and said that it was a fantastic script indeed. But she said that she can’t be able to do the character because of her tight dance program schedules and because of that she can’t come to Kerala for shoot.

Then Maniyanpilla Raju said that they can shoot her portion at Chennai itself creating a set. But then Shobana said that still she do not want to do the role as she is not comfortable to act as a mother a young actor like Prithviraj. She said she can play an elder sister to him but not his mother. It can affect her dance career as well if she does a mother role films. Then Maniyanpilla Raju tried his best to make her do this role by saying the example of Super Star Mohanlal, who played aged roles in films like Pranayam. But she did not agreed.

Later they came to Asha Sharath and they deliberately not told her about Sobhana as they feared that she also may reject to do the film as she is also a dancer. It’s only now that he is revealing the secret.

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