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B Unnikrishnan and Prithviraj Sukumaran Reunite: A Big-Budget Film in the Offing

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B Unnikrishnan and Prithviraj Sukumaran Reunite: A Big-Budget Film in the Offing

B Unnikrishnan stands tall as one of Mollywood’s prolific filmmakers, celebrated for cinematic gems like ‘Madambi,’ ‘Grandmaster,’ and ‘Villain.’ With a career spanning 24 illustrious years, he’s crafted an impressive repertoire, collaborating with industry luminaries such as Mohanlal, Mammootty, and Suresh Gopi, delivering memorable movies.

Transitioning from a screenwriter to a director in 2006, B Unnikrishnan’s journey reflects a tapestry of narrative brilliance across various genres. Now, he sets his sights on a new venture, aligning with the vibrant talent in Mollywood. In a recent interview with The Cue, he unveiled plans for an upcoming collaboration with the versatile Prithviraj Sukumaran.

This venture, spearheaded by Prithviraj himself in conjunction with Magic Frames, marks a reunion after their earlier project ‘Thriller’ in 2010. B Unnikrishnan’s visionary approach extends beyond this reunion, hinting at prospective projects featuring stalwarts like Dileep, Suresh Gopi, Mohanlal, and Mammootty.

Elevating his narratives, B Unnikrishnan is enlisting the brilliance of new-generation writers such as Devadath Shaji, Sharis Muhammad, and Muhammad Shafi, known for their acclaimed works like ‘Bheeshma Parvam,’ ‘Jana Gana Mana,’ and ‘Kannur Squad,’ respectively. This amalgamation of seasoned talents and fresh voices heralds a promising cinematic era in Mollywood’s landscape.

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