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Bhaskar The Rascal will speak Hindi soon

Bhaskar The Rascal will speak Hindi soon-Hindi Remake-Mammootty-Nayanthara-Salini-Onlookers Media

Director Siddique’s latest film Bhasakar The Rascal which released on 15th April 2015, on the Vishu day of this year is getting good response from the audience and now the latest update is about the film is that it will be remade to Bollywood in the near future. And about this news it was Director Siddique himself said this in an interview recently that he want to remake it to Hindi and producers were came from there with an intention to remake this film.

2 years back siddique said that he had the plans to remake his films Chronic Bachelor and Ladies and Gentleman to Hindi and now bhaskar the rascal also come to that list of Siddique. It will be almost sure that his next Hindi film after the super success of Body Guard will be the remake of any of the above mentioned films. Bhaskar the rascal is a film which had all the elements of entertainment and in Bollywood’s wide canvas it will be more colourful and better if it goes there.

Siddique also said that it was a real challenge for him to make script for Mammootty as he is one of the best actors in Mollywood and also their previous associations were still ruling the minds of the audience. So if he have to do a film with Mammootty, the character must be as strong as their earlier characters or may be people expecting a lot more than that. He had thought about many characters first and at last landed on the story of Bhaskar which will have all the elements for the fans of Mammootty and also allow him to enact his strong points. Siddique said that at first the title of the flick was The Rascal and later they changed it to Bhaskar The Rascal which sound more apt as per the plot evolves.

He said that he had tried his best not to repeat the track of his earlier films here in Bhaskar and it is very difficult to bring that kind of a humour track in Bhaskar’s story. But the film has humour that comes from the innocence of the character of Bhaskar. Siddigue also said that the presence of Janardhanan in his films is a great blessing to him and Nayanthara came into this film as part of his friendship with her as well.

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