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Chiyan Vikram to direct Nivin Pauly and Suriya !

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There is a report doing its round in social media pages, specially, in Kollywood that Chiyan Vikram is going to direct a short film and it will have many popular stars in South Indian film industry. As per reports, the news seems to be credible as well. There was a 6 minute video released earlier which was based on the devastation of Temple City by the disaster caused by nature and that was ended with the news of this Short film directed by Chiyan Vikram.

Vikram’s short film will have actors like Mollywood young super star Nivin Pauly, Tamil superstar Suriya, Bahubali fame Prabhas, Vijay Sethupathy, Bobby Sinha, Kannada Super star Puneet Raj Kumar, Nithya Menon, Hansika Motwani etc.The short film will be a tribute to the heroics of Indian Army and volunteers that comes from all across India to help in the rehabilitation activities in Chennai.

There were various levels of rehabilitation activities held in Chennai and many people participated in the activities there. The video will be a tribute to all of them. Chennai is now getting better slowly from the natural disaster that really destroyed the whole city.

The details of the actors working in the short film was revealed to the media by some close source related to Vikram. As per reports there may be more stars to join the team of artists.

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