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Dhyan Sreenivasan to the path of direction

Dhyan Sreenivasan to the path of direction

Dhyan Sreenivasan, son of amazing screenwriter, actor, director Sreenivasan and brother of Vineeth Sreenivasan to go through the path of direction. This is not a shocking news that the Sreenivasan family has their own touch in all these fields in the film industry. First it was Sreenivasan who was the favourite of Malayali audiences and later came Vineeth Sreenivasan in his own style adding much more talents and skills to the list, he has also achieved what his father achieved. This is why once people said ‘Like father like son’.

It is true that the blood relationship will truly have similarities, in Dhyan’s case also he and his brother Vineeth Sreenivasan is showcasing what their Father Sreenivasan has in him. They are multi-talented and loved by the public. Vineeth Sreenivasan is popular for his direction, script writing, singing and so on and his brother is getting ready to follow him in the path of being a director.

This was revealed by Dhyan Sreenivasan himself on an interactive session with Radio Jockey Lavanya in the programme Morning No. 1 show in Red FM. He also revealed that he will soon start his direction venture but the casts and the title are not yet confirmed and the shoot is expected to start by next year. This will be truly a much awaited project when it comes to the silver screens as the public will be very much anticipated about the directorial talent of Dhyan.

Dhyan’s father Sreenivasan has written for more than 50 films, worked in 200 plus films and has directed two films and is still gracing Mollywood industry with his charm. Now it’s Dhyan Sreenivasan who is going to try his luck on direction, anyway the Father and Vineeth had truly the taste of direction in them and hope Dhyan will keep up his work by his own mark in it.

Dhyan debuted through the film Thira which was directed by Vineeth Sreenivasan which can be said that a different approach in the New Age cinema. And his second film was his Onam release Kunjiramayanam which was well received by the audience along with Loham, comparing to the other releases of the season. In Kunjiramayanam, both Sreenivasan brothers worked together on screen, for the first time. Best wishes Dhyan Sreenivasan for your directorial venture !!!

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