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Dileep came to help Kanchanamala when she was avoided by the team behind the film

Dileep came to help Kanchanamala when she was avoided by the team behind the film

The flick Ennu Ninte Moideen is running successfully all over and the 27 days of gross of the film from Kerala itself crossed 25 crore rupees. The Actors who did the key roles getting tremendous appreciation and got a break in their career as well. The director is on cloud nine and become a sought after director with his very first movie itself. Producers of the film is making merry as the film has been doing all well in box office and it seems it is unstoppable as well.

But they all forgot the reason behind this success, Kanchanamala. Yes, the real life Kanchanamala who told everything to them and agreed to make her story in to a film and become instrumental in the creation of such a classic has been ignored by the very tea, that is reaping the fruit of the success now. Only actor Dileep is now came forward to help her in her misery.

It is a dream of Kanchanamala to set up a memorial for Moideen named ‘Moideen Seva Mandir’. But that was all ruined when it was all took away by the relatives of Moideen when they won the case in court stating that kanchanamala and Moideen does not have any legal relationship. Now she is living and the Moideen Seva Mandir is working in a shed which have only one room and not in a good state as well. The large book collections in the Moideen Seva Mandir is shifted to the house of some well- wishers of Kanchanamala as in that room where she lives there is no space to keep it. Now its popular actor Dileep came to help her and he agreed to build a new big building for Moideen Seva Mandir and Kanchanamala.

Still director  S Vimal, Actor Prithviraj, and financers of the film not met Kanchanamala after the success of the movie. But they came to meet her before the film to get all information from her. Anyway the big heart of Dileep told us why he is been called the popular actor and why some other are so small in front of him.

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