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Director Sangeeth Sivan about Yodha 2

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Director Sangeeth Sivan about Yodha 2

Acclaimed filmmaker Sangeeth Sivan is returning back to Malayalam film industry after a long gap, this time as an actor through the upcoming film Kottayam. The movie is directed by Binu and features mostly newcomers both in the cast and crew departments. Sangeeth Sivan has helmed popular movies like Yodha, Johny, Gandharvam, Nirnayam etc.

Recently, in an interview he was quizzed about any idea of a sequel for Mohanlal’s superhit movie Yodha. Sangeeth Sivan said that he has plans of making a similar fun filled adventure movie but also added that it will be difficult to direct a movie with Mohanlal in the current scenario as it requires a lot of homework. He feels that if at all he joins again with Mohanlal, it should be a never before seen kind of a movie. There is no point in doing an ordinary film just for the sake of it.

The director also elaborated about how Yodha happened. “It was a crazy idea of 5-6 freaks. Our only idea was to make a movie based on the Kungfu martial art. I will definitely do Yodha 2 if I come across the right story.

Mohanlal and Sangeeth Sivan have teamed up during the 90’s for some popular movies like Yodha, Gandharvam and Nirnayam.

Yodha released in 1992 was a path breaking movie that was years ahead of it’s time. Starting from a rural backdrop the movie soon shifted to a totally different territory. Mohanlal was seen as a saviour destined to rescue the Rimpoche of a Nepalese Buddhist monastery from practitioners of black magic. It will be an exciting concept if the project could materialize, considering the technicalities and budget availability now.

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