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Don’t mess with Mallus, Premgi Amaren also bowed down

Premgi Amaren's Facebook Pos on Alcohol Ban In Kerala - Onlookers Media

Malayalees once again showed their fighting spirit through online medias as they have shown that many times. They don’t really care whoever may be the person opposite and whatever may be his position. They just goes after them if their stand is not favorable to the thought of Mallus. We have seen that in many issues which includes the issues of Sharappova to Mitchel Johnson, Kannada trolling page to Pakistan government website and many more.Almost all of them had bowed down to the strength of mallus and the latest in this list is the kollywood actor and popular comedian Premji amaran who is the brother of famous kollywood director Venkat Prabhu.

Premgi Amaren posted an edited photo on his timeline by saying some sarcastic things about malayalees and the decision of the Kerala state government seal the Bars in Kerala. But malayalees took it very badly and as usual they began to attack him on his Facebook profile and at last Premji Amaran said sorry to mallus and deleted the above mentioned post from his timeline.

Premgi Amaren was popular in Kerala too with his roles in film such as Mankatha starring Ajith and Arjun which was one of the most popular Tamil film in Kerala released in recent years. But that love and respect does not come in the way of malayalees when it comes to the matter of their pride and dignity of being a malayali. Premgi Amaren said that he does not intented to ridicule or insult malayalees and he did it just as a joke. But if it hurt the feelings of malayalees he is very much offering his apology for being the reason for that bad feeling.

Premgi Amaren also made clear that it was not posted by him as his Facebook and twitter pages are managed by some of his fans and Premgi Amaren made it clear in the program named balcony in club FM and he told it to RJ Rahul. He also appealed to the mollywood film lovers to continue the love and support given by them till date as his next film with Surya named Masss is on its way.

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