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Even animals will speak in Utopiayile Rajavu says Kamal

Even animals will speak in Utopiayile Rajavu says Kamal

Mega star Mammootty’s Onam release this year named  Utopiayile Rajavu is all set to grace the screens all over on this coming August 27 and it is now finishing up its final touch before the censoring. There is much expectation lingering on this flick as it is coming from a team which gave us good films. The storyline of the film is said to be unique and there has been many reports already came in cinema magazines and online Medias regarding the unique storyline of the film. It is made as a Social satire which has an imaginary background and the story takes place in an imaginary village as well named Kokrankara.

Even the name of the central character played by Mammootty has a sort of uniqueness in it which is CP Swathanthran. The name of the other characters in this flick also bears this uniqueness as well. But now director Kamal talks about or rather reveal about what the film has in store for you or what are the other unique things that can be expected from the film.

Kamal says that in this film it is not only human characters talks and says their opinion about different things but also the animals and birds expresses their feelings and opinions about certain things. Kamal says that the story background which offers a uniqueness in which even the statues in the film talks or laughs and animated and inanimate substances becomes the part of the film at the same time with great importance.

Kamal said that it was this unique story atmosphere provided by P S rafeeq attracted him to the film and it will be great to do such a different film. P S rafeeq had always tried to give characters and story background with lots of imagination going in to it and which gives a fresh and unique feel. We had already seen it in his screenplay for Amen as well. Now after this revelation by Kamal the expectation and hopes are rising for the film and now it seems to be a must watch film for those who loves experimental films as well as satires.

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