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Exciting Buzz Alert: Dhanush Set to Portray Ilayaraja in Upcoming Biopic

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Exciting Buzz Alert: Dhanush Set to Portray Ilayaraja in Upcoming Biopic

Kollywood is abuzz with the latest news making waves across social media platforms. Renowned journalist and film critic, Latha Srinivasan, disclosed a compelling revelation about an upcoming project involving Tamil superstar Dhanush. The grapevine hints at Dhanush taking on the role of the revered music maestro Ilayaraja in an upcoming biopic.

Sources close to Srinivasan affirm the project’s certainty, igniting fervent anticipation among fans and cinema enthusiasts eager to witness Dhanush embodying the persona of Ilayaraja on screen.

The movie is slated to be financed by Conneckkt Media, currently immersed in the production of the much-anticipated Pan-Indian film, ‘Vrushabha,’ featuring the esteemed actor Mohanlal in the lead role.

Latha Srinivasan’s divulgence reveals that production for this biopic is scheduled to commence next year, with an anticipated release in 2025. While fans await the portrayal of Ilayaraja, Dhanush’s immediate cinematic venture, ‘Captain Miller,’ is due to hit screens in December this year. Notably, Dhanush is also occupied with his second directorial endeavor, where he assumes the lead role.

Despite the absence of official confirmation on the Ilayaraja biopic, the news has swiftly traversed various social media platforms. Ilayaraja remains an iconic figure in Indian cinema, having composed an unparalleled repertoire of over 7000 songs for more than 1,000 films throughout his illustrious career.

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