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Fahad Fazil and Sathyan Anthikad to Team Up Again: Another Hit in the Making

Fahad Fazil and Sathyan Anthikad to Team Up Again: Another Hit in the Making

Sathyan Anthikad stands as one of the most prolific directors in Mollywood, renowned for delivering an array of timeless family movies that continue to be cherished by audiences. His partnership with the Complete Actor, Mohanlal, and the accomplished writer-actor, Sreenivasan, holds a special place in the rich tapestry of Malayalam Cinema History.

Following his successful collaborations with Mohanlal, Sathyan Anthikad found a fitting leading man in Jayaram, with whom he worked on numerous films. In the present era of actors, Sathyan Anthikad has identified Fahad Fazil as the ideal protagonist to fulfill his directorial vision.

Their creative partnership has already yielded two well-received films: “Oru Indian Pranayakadha” and “Njan Prakashan.” The audience’s enthusiastic response to these movies has paved the way for another collaboration between Sathyan Anthikad and Fahad Fazil, as indicated by unofficial reports.

Notably, this upcoming project is rumored to be produced by the esteemed Tamil producer, RB Choudhary, under his renowned banner, Super Good Films. Earlier, Anoop Sathyan, director and son of Sathyan Anthikad, hinted at a collaboration between his father and Sreenivasan for their next venture. It appears that the Sathyan Anthikad-Sreenivasan duo is set to present a Fahad Fazil starrer, potentially gracing the screens next year.

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